Secured Advance: Frequency Asked Questions

February 21, 2019

What is a Secured Advance?

Frequently Asked Questions about SnapCash Funding's Secured Advances.

Secured Advances from SnapCash help Small Business Owners fund their companies.

What is a Secured Advance and how can I benefit from it?


What can be used as property to qualify for a secured advance?


You can use land, houses, owner and non owner occupied, large scale equipment, boats, commercial property, vehicles, trade tools, equipment and much more!


Can I still get same day funding?

In about 50% of cases there could be title work that must be recorded for land or property, in those cases it could take 2 weeks to get funded but on trade tools it could be same day.


How do I prove ownership?


You can use deeds, property tax bills, registrations, and much more. Ask your Metromeida Funding rep for more information.


Can I use this to buy property?


No - you should already have vested interest into the property.


I just started my business 3 months ago I own my home, could I still qualify?


Yes As long as you can show you can support the payments and have a plan to grow your business you would still be funded.


I have a partnership and no property but my partner has a house with a mortgage, can we still apply?


Yes you may still apply- as long as the partner with property is OK with a lien recorded to grow your business you should still be able to be funded.

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